Personal Update from the filmmaker

I've been dealing with chronic illness since before I started this project, there are a list of problems that I won't bore you with except to say that on top of all of it the chronic fatigue has been exacerbated by Celiac Disease. So I am recently diagnosed just 4 weeks ago and hope to return to finish this series like originally intended after I am completely gluten free, this is actually a real disease/allergy and not just a fad.

I've been working on Episode 3 for awhile and I had to learn a modeling program (Cinema 4d lite) since there is no budget to hire professional motion graphic/modeling subcontractors. I know this is all quite boring but I'm just trying to say that viewership on the first 2 episodes is actually at an all time high, even though Amazon Prime has cut their rates by 75 % since this began, I am still hopeful I'll get my life back, my energy back, and funding to complete this project.

On another note, I'll be putting the short film out with subtitles in German and Japanese soon. It is already out with Spanish.

Thank you for your continued support.

Heather Dominguez

Cavern Films LLC.\

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