Notice: Changes at Amazon and being on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has changed their Royalty program for Independent Filmmakers causing many filmmakers to have to remove titles from Amazon Prime Availability. The short film and series will still be available for rental or purchase on Amazon but not for free on Prime as in the past.

The change for the series is effective immediately. The short film will soon only be available with a rental or purchase.

If you are unhappy about these changes please feel free to make a complaint directly to Amazon. They cut their Royalty program by 67% for independent filmmakers making it so it impossible to remain free to the public. This applies to any title that gets less than 499,000 hours viewed per year OR any title that gets more than 1,000,000 hours viewed per year.

Youtube changed their royalty program late 2017 and also made it so that filmmakers are now not compensated for videos unless they are a viral video producer with over 5000 hours a month viewership or some similar figure.

possible comment you could make:

I've become aware from a filmmaker I follow that she can no long afford to have content on Amazon Prime due to a change in your price structuring that is edging out independent filmmakers. I'd like to voice my concern that many filmmakers or creators may pull out their content from Amazon Prime and this will ultimately lose it's value to me as a consumer. Possibly causing me to NOT renew my Prime membership.

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