You want to hear something that's really screwed up? I'm just one person doing this.

In the past I've tried to really draw a line between who I am personally and professionally in regards to this project. For all these years since before I even made the short film up until now I never mention all my personal ups and downs and trials - just like everyone else. But because there are so many people out there assuming this is some big, FUNDED, production company I'm just gonna lay it out there.

I'm a mom with one grown, one 11 year old , and one that is turning one 15 next week. Also, I have a lot of health issues. I had strokes and thyroid surgery back in 2010. Since then I had severe chroinc fatigue that was just solved about 8/2016 and had to do with vitamin deficiency. Currently I have many food reactions and digestion issues. I do my best to present myself as a company because I want the project to make a good impression.

When it was discovered that I had had 5 strokes in 2010 (at the age of 39) a priest came into my room. I'll never forget the feeling of crying at the fact that a priest was there, as if they thought I didn't have much time left. I cried, but as I cried the left side of my face pulled and it made me cry even harder. It was an overwhelming feeling.

This is very personal but I've never been able to shake the feeling that I'm going to die young since that date. That sense of mortality has definitely propelled me to make this project.

I really wanted to make this project because honestly I sincerely cannot think of anything more important in this life. There were many things that led me to make this but the idea of dying without a significant life's work definitely was one of them.

Artists often cannot fund their art and have to work other jobs in order to pay for it. So by putting out the book first and then episode 1 I've been trying to make the project self sufficient. Being a mom, pto member, guardian of my own mother, and work in my own home office, I often have trouble even finding the necessary time to work on this project. I usually work between 40 and 50 hours a week late into the night when everyone else in my family are asleep and I don't get paid. I've probably spent 30k + out of pocket just for expenses since 2012. And then no wages. For about 2 years - I've dedicated all my extra time to this. Before I got better between 20 and 30 hours a week, and since 8/2016 up to 50 hours a week. It's hard pouring your heart into something with no pay and simultaneously being a low income family.


People keep giving the series 1 star and being mad on Amazon because I am behind getting episode 2 out. You know what...... it's only me. I realize on the crew page I show crew. Those people and several others helped out in 2012 and 2o13 on set. But that was basically 5 different days of filming as well as 4 web cam interviews and another interview I did by myself. I have hired a friend to help me but it was basically for a bit of research and a 5 second part of episode 2. So even though I give her some credit it's really all me. And one episode takes me hundreds of hours.


Right now episode 2 is stuck in the motion graphics department which is me, then next it has to go back to editing = also me, and then to the color correction department-- me, and the sound design department - again me, and finally rendering out by guess who- yours truly. In a large production company people could work on these things at the same time. Then out to a 3rd party company for closed captions.

I'm very sorry I am late. There are no funds to pay for someone else to do this stuff, though it has been hard for me to delegate anyway.

I'm terribly sorry to disappoint everyone and be behind again.

Please accept my apology I'm doing the best I can.

Heather Dominguez

The sole editor and post production department of Cavern Films, LLC

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