Sorry Folks I'm a bit behind but I've improved my skills in Motion Graphics a ton

You may know by now that I'm basically a one woman production company. If you follow our Facebook page you may know that I've been enhancing my Motion Graphics skills by learning how to do Advanced Motion Graphics. For the past 8 days I've been creating a very important but short scene for Kimberly Clark Sharp's Out of Body Experience. This may seem like it is a colossal waste of time, but after being quoted $75/hr (supposed to be a discounted rate) for motion graphics work, I really have no other choice, particularly since this is all out of pocket and we are not funded nor wealthy.

Another reason this is such good news is because the "otherside" footage that will be required for the next several episodes is going to be motion graphics heavy.

Next steps after a few more motion graphics scenes are created : tightening up story line, Titles, (send out for review to a few average viewers) color correction, picture lock, music selection , sound design, final export, closed captions, and uploading.

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