An easy way to help the series get made

(Summed up= leave a positive review on Amazon for Consciousness Continues series, short film, or book. )- here is a link to all 3 -

Here is why:

One of the biggest complaints I've had from fans via the Amazon Reviews is that there is only 1 episode so far. They watch the episode and make an assumption that there are no more episodes coming and leave a low score. Unfortunately, these 1 star reviews most often based on the fact that they think more episodes are not coming, are interfering with our algorithm to get new viewers on Amazon. Directly limiting income for future episodes.

If you are a fan please take the time to leave a positive review on the series, short film, or book. Any or all of these that you enjoy.

It takes a couple minutes but is actually an direct way to support this project without going out of pocket.

Thank you,


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