The Short film will now be available in 4 languages on Amazon Prime

We have now published the short film available with subtitles in 4 languages and territories. ENGLISH - USA/Canada/UK Consciousness Continues Short Film JAPANESE- Japan 意識の先へ - ショートフィルム GERMAN - Germany Das Bewusstsein setzt sich fort (Kurzfilm) SPANISH - USA/Canada/UK La luz después de la muerte

Personal Update from the filmmaker

I've been dealing with chronic illness since before I started this project, there are a list of problems that I won't bore you with except to say that on top of all of it the chronic fatigue has been exacerbated by Celiac Disease. So I am recently diagnosed just 4 weeks ago and hope to return to finish this series like originally intended after I am completely gluten free, this is actually a real disease/allergy and not just a fad. I've been working on Episode 3 for awhile and I had to learn a modeling program (Cinema 4d lite) since there is no budget to hire professional motion graphic/modeling subcontractors. I know this is all quite boring but I'm just trying to say that viewership on t

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