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Taken from the blog post located at: https://onenessofhumanity.wordpress.com/category/videos/documentary/nde-near-death-experience/ “Surviving Death” is a short documentary film by Cavern Films (cavernfilms.wix.com) which reveals the thoughts of two women and a man about their near death experiences (NDE). In my usual way I stumbled upon the film at Cavern Films’ YouTube channel, viewed it, and thought it was an excellent production which illustrates the great potential of this organization of filmmakers going forward. Congratulations to producer/director/editor Heather Dominguez for creating a very solid documentary film. In posting the film here I hope to add what I can-to help in any way

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http://www.dailygrail.com/Spirit-World/2013/10/Short-Documentary-Surviving-Death-Talks-Three-Near-Death-Experiencers Surviving Death is a beautifully produced 12-minute-long mini-documentary featuring the near-death experiences (NDEs) of Kimberly Clark Sharp, Roland A. Webb, and Louisa Peck, told in their own words. The interviews are part of a longer series titled Consciousness Continues.

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