Season 1 

We meet 15 Near-Death survivors and are taken through their Near-Death Experiences in stages from their life before the Near-Death Experience to many years later. Near-Death Experience survivors divulge personal stories and offer interpretations of what they saw after death.  They reveal intimate details about how their lives and personal philosophies have changed since the Near-Death Experience. 

Available Episodes:
1) Before My Near-Death Experience
Learn what a Near Death Experience is and meet fifteen Near-Death Survivors. See what their lives were like before the Near-Death Experience and a peak at what they first saw.
2) Out of Body Experience
Coming Someday when I can raise the money or help:  ​
Episodes correlate to the chapters of the book. If you can't wait to see the episodes read the book now.
EPISODE 3The Arrival and the Light
EPISODE 4The Greeting and The Love
EPISODE 5The Sound  (*mini episode)
EPISODE 6Life Review
EPISODE 7Universal Knowledge
EPISODE 8Purgatory
EPISODE 9The Discussion
EPISODE 10Back on Earth
EPISODE 11Purpose
EPISODE 12Values Change
EPISODE 13My Secret
EPISODE 14Physiological Changes (*mini episode)
EPISODE 15Metaphysical Changes
EPISODE 16Connection to Nature (*mini episode)
EPISODE 17Depression (*mini episode)
EPISODE 18Acceptance
EPISODE 19Sharing with the Public
EPISODE 20Getting Back to Light (*mini episode)
EPISODE 21Advice from One Near-Death Experiencer to Another
Final short topics all in one: 
God and Religion
Child Experiences 
How the Medical Industry could Help
For friends and Family of Near-Death Experiencers
Final thoughts for Season 1


Originally titled "Surviving Death" 

This short film chronicles the Near-Death Experiences of 3 people who were interviewed for the series Consciousness Continues.   

INTERESTING FACTS: This project started out as a college thesis film with the intent of becoming a feature film derived from the 19 hours of interview footage obtained from 11/2012 to 3/2013.  In 2014  1 additional interview was filmed.

This short film was created from the initial footage filmed on 2/9/2013.


Through the years a series outline and transcription of all the interviews was created which is now the companion book. 

And now in post production is the docu-series.  But it all started with this highly acclaimed short film.  Said to be a moving masterpiece in only 12 minutes.



Transcribed interviews based on Season 1 of the Series. If  you just cannot wait for the next episodes you can read everyone's stories laid out in the book.

       A magical, mystical, thin veil of perception separates this world from the other side, and most people reach a point in their lives when they wonder, what happens when we die? Consciousness Continues seeks answers to this mystery through first-hand accounts from people who have died, been resuscitated, and returned with vivid memories of the other side.

       Consciousness Continues addresses more than a morbid curiosity among readers; it also presents the hardships that frequently arise in the wake of an NDE. The survivor is often confronted with skeptical family and friends in a society that dismisses the supernatural or humors it only in the contexts of religion or entertainment. As a result, NDE survivors often experience depression, difficulty adjusting back to life in the here and now, thoughts of suicide, and the metaphysical challenges of straddling a fence between two worlds. In most cases, survivors keep their NDE a secret for fear of being ostracized...until the day they can no longer remain silent.

       Throughout the book, Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, a pioneering researcher on the subject of Near-Death Experience and survivor herself, explicates elements of the survivors’ stories, sharing knowledge and insight gained through her extensive study of NDE.


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